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لنز هاي نرم اكستريم فصلي ( سه ماهه ) با با فيت مناسب و راحتي بيمار براي استفاده در زمان طولاني محصول كمپاني ،،اكس _ سل،، آمريكا

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Extreme H2O 54

Two Diameter Options for your Patient’s Individual Needs – ۱۳٫۶, ۱۴٫۲

The best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit. We are the only manufacturer to offer a “lens fitting system” geared toward your patients’ specific needs. Two diameter options allow you to use your expertise and not only provide patients with an outstanding material, but with the right size lens ensuring a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

A Lens Fitting System Beneficial to Patients and Practitioners

Patients are more precisely fit with the availability of two diameter options, and comfort is enhanced with the right material.

What Size to Fit

The right size lens enables you to give full cornea coverage with the least amount of material on the eye.

Two diameter options allow you to use your expertise and determine which is the best fit for your patient’s individual needs.
۲۵% of patients have HVID that is < 11.6mm
۲۵% of patients have HVID that is > 12.0mm
۵۰% of patients have HVID of 11.6mm to 12.0mm (The average HVID is 11.8mm)
Patients who would benefit from a slightly smaller lens diameter – ۱۳٫۶
Patients with a smaller than average cornea
Patients with HVID < 11.8
Pediatric eyes
Patients with tight lids
Patients with small fissures
Patients who have difficulty inserting and removing their lenses
Patients who would benefit from a larger lens design – ۱۴٫۲
Patients with average to large size corneas
Patients with HVID >11.8
Patients who exhibit too much lens movement
Patients with centering issues (diameter size ensures full cornea coverage)
Patients with too much lid interaction causing discomfort from the lens edge
Material Benefits

۳rd Generation GMA / Hydrogel Copolymer – Hioxifilcon D

Advanced moisture retention combined with outstanding durability provides patients with the following benefits
Excellent ALL-DAY Comfort
Crisp, Stable Visual Acuity
Improved Ocular Health
Increased Wearing Time
Deposit Resistance
Outstanding Handling and Durability Characteristics

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