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لنز هاي نرم فلكس لنز 55 درصد آب با پوشش يو وي محصول كمپاني ،، اكس سل ،، آمريكا

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For An Exact Fit Every Time

The Flexlens Spherical Lens is indicated for Daily Wear use for the correction of higher degrees of ametropia. The lens is available in a large diameter with or without a thick edge and also with 1.50D or 2.00D of prism.

Lens Design

Standard soft lens fitting principles apply to the Flexlens Spherical Lens. Lens selection should be 4.00D flatter than the patient’s flattest keratometric value. There should be lens centration with 1.0 to 1.5mm of limbal draping and lens movement should be minimal, 0.25 to 0.50mm in primary position with normal blink.


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